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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter?

You’ll need to come to the DoubleTree North Charleston Convention Center, 5264 International Drive, North Charleston, SC 29418 on ether Wednesday, April 28th or Thursday, April 29th between 10 am and 7 pm for a photo shoot and screen test where we’ll record video of you delivering our audition script. Audition appointments can be scheduled here. The entire process should take no longer than 10 minutes.

How should I prepare for my audition?

Come ready to make an impression! Dress in whatever you feel will represent who you are. Professional photographs will be taken of you that will be used as your portfolio photo for the contest. We will also shoot a brief video audition of all entrants delivering the following script:

Charleston knows tradition, style, and innovation… that’s why Charleston is a Nissan town!

And Hudson Nissan is the place Charleston turns to for great prices and unsurpassed customer service on a new Nissan. Plus, Hudson is South Carolina's #1 franchised used car dealer! And with not one, but two big locations, Hudson Nissan offers the Hudson difference: a lifetime warranty, free oil & filter changes, free car washes & more!

Come visit us at Hudson Nissan of Charleston and Hudson Nissan of North Charleston or at, and you will see for yourself, why Charleston is a Nissan Town!

Once I’ve entered, what happens next?

Your pictures and video audition will be posted on this site on May 6, 2021 and the voting begins and continues through June 4th! Since the top ten vote getters will be our ten finalists, be sure to share your entry with friends, family, coworkers, etc., and of course, across your social media. The public can vote once per day so keep ‘em coming throughout the voting period!

How old do you have to be to enter?

The Hudson Nissan Talent Search is open to all adults age 21 or older.

What other qualifications are there?

You need to be a current resident of Berkley, Dorchester or Charleston county and have a current valid driver's license. (Please note that a complete and thorough background check will be conducted should you become one of our ten finalists.) Current employees of Hudson Automotive Group, its advertising agency, vendors or local media not eligible to apply.

I just moved here, am I still eligible?

You must be a resident of Berkley, Dorchester or Charleston County for the last 12 months.

Are you looking for someone with experience?

No experience necessary. Whether you’ve shot 100 commercials or never stood in front of a camera before, if you’ve got it, you’ve got it!

Are you looking for the typical “spokesmodel?”

Not at all. As is apparent by the nature of this “grassroots” contest, we’re looking for two individuals that are real, authentic and relatable, one to represent each store. We have no predetermined parameters, so be it a man and woman, two men, two women, twins, whatever, we're just looking for fresh and enthusiastic talent to tell Charleston all the exciting things happening with Nissan and at Hudson!

So what kind of people are you looking for?

We’re looking for someone that’s charismatic and comfortable with being on camera that is relatable to the wide huge cross section of people that should be considering a Nissan before buying any other vehicle, be it car, truck or crossover.

So if you’re looking for two spokespeople (one for each store),can or should I audition twice?

No, all auditions will be considered for both stores with the public vote narrowing down the pool to ten finalists, and from there, our judges will pick the two winners. The stores and their marketing teams will decide which talent is assigned to which store.

How will you determine the finalist?

The top ten vote getters will be announced on June 7th as our finalists.

What happens if I become a finalist?

Then the real fun begins! You will be asked back to Hudson Nissan to test drive a vehicle for a day then give us your video review. We’ll then post each finalist’s video on the site for feedback from the public to see who they think did the best job. While the official public voting will have ended at that point, we still want to know what the people of our area think.

How will the winner be chosen?

On Thursday, June 24th our judges will gather and pick a winning spokesperson for Hudson Nissan of Charleston and one for Hudson Nissan of North Charleston! The judges criteria for making their final decision on our two winners will be by taking into account the number of votes received during public voting stage, their energy, enthusiasm, professionalism, the public feedback received from their test drive walk around video, the overall personality of the person and their comfort level while on camera.

Do I get paid if I win?

Of course! Our winners will evenly split our grand prize money of $20,000!

What if this makes me a big star?

We hope it does! All we ask is you remember us when you’re in Hollywood!